DIEGO Branding Signture

Stephen Max in Edmonton, Canada, has launched the beginning of a new website under the title  It is a supplement, not a substitute to the familiar created by Chris Voci, and there may be a third website soon for the IRS approved non-profit Diego Voci Art Foundation serving as receiving station for donors to further their belief in finding and preserving and archiving the great body of artwork created by Antonio Diego Voci.

Stephen Max bought his first Diego in 1974 in Germany.  He, like me, and so many others became addicted to the works of Diego.  We could not stop at owning only one (The Potato Chip Phenomenon).  And for 30, 40, and in my case nearly 50 years have hoarded our Diego possessions.

Diego died in 1985.  He was unknown on the internet.  About 4 years ago, Chris Voci brought the first meaningful internet presence of Diego through his creation of which has led to the discovery of tens of dozens of lost Diego works of art. (sign the guest book while you are there).  I spent 2 years researching and documenting Diego’s life

Max authored and published the deluxe coffee table book “The Beauty of Diego”  Created a video museum tour  And publishes a monthly Diego Newsletter (It’s free, he’ll send it to you monthly for the asking).  And now take a peek at the embryo version of   Even though it has barely begun, Max has it active and is experimenting with ideas.  Yours are welcome!  What would you like to see?

Coop Cooprider, Diego Historian


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