Ryan bought this early Diego Voci artwork on Craigslist and would like to resell it.


Femme Assise

Chris Voci, curator diegovoci.com spotted this work April 22, 2013.  See link: http://www.artifactcollectors.com/diego-voci-painting-of-the-week-april-22-2013-6491218.html#1.  It took us until now to locate the buyer.

Let’s look at the back of Diego’s canvas and see what it tells us.


The number and title on the back of the canvas written by the hand of Helga Voci (Diego’s widow) tells us this painting was done in the late 60’s by Diego, as part of the agreement with Joy and Jawdat Naffouj; probably sold to the original collector by Joy (now living in Canada).  Jawdat still has the Naffouj Gallery in the Altstadt of Landstuhl, Germany where it is also possible the sale was made.

Diego said “I am experiment” (in his broken English).  In this case, the subject inspired by a trip to Africa is rendered in glass paint.  Diego did a number of African motif artworks including lithographs (available through Helga Voci).  Africa made an impact on any number of artists i.e. #Picasso.

AC P of W #237 11/15/2014


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