Small version of brand Diego Signature (2) (215x153)


5a. Nude in Yellow #758 _48_x_36_ca

In 1973 Dr. Ogden Brown, an addicted Diego collector obtained the phenomenal “NUDE IN YELLOW” 48″ x 36″ directly from the artist.

About 1975, this large early 70’s oil painting by international artist DIEGO Voci (VOH-chee) was stolen when our family moved to a new home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We saw it wrapped and go on to the moving truck, but that was the last time it was seen. Our family had a large collection of DIEGO Voci works of art, so we did not notice immediately one was missing. I was in Norway at the time. This painting is my absolute personal favorite.” – Marsha Largent-Piper

  This stolen #Diego Voci “NUDE IN YELLOW”  painting is on a large canvas; a marvelous colorful cubistic portrayal of a nude, as only DIEGO could do.

HELP US SOLVE THIS MYSTERY.Marsha Largent and Stolen Painting

This 1974 photo of Marsha was taken a few months before the move took place.

NOTE: $4,000 of the $20,000 CASH REWARD would be paid to Marsha Largent-Piper(above), daughter of Ogden Brown, for transfer of ownership to the Diego Voci Project. The “NUDE IN YELLOW” 48″ x 36″ will be held for the future Major Diego Museum Exhibition (Sponsor required).

CONTACT: DIEGO ART HISTORIAN, COOP COOPRIDER with any information at diegovociproject@gmail.com and/or 858-731-9635

AC DV History #74 5/5/2012

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