This well rendered but unsigned landscape has been affirmed a legitimate “Diego” by his widow Helga Voci, who was with Diego for all of his last 25 years.  In Helga’s words after reviewing the image of this landscape:

“This painting is certainly a DIEGO, although I don’t remember when he painted it and if it was an oil or tempera, strange that there is no signature! Best wishes Helga.”  

Mountains and Snow (2)

Helga Voci’s handwriting on the back will verify authenticity, even though DIEGO’s signature does not appear on the painting.

Finding unsigned paintings like this one is very rare. The Diego Voci Project works to archive all of Diego Voci’s works of art.  So when the team comes across a painting like this one (without a signature) it adds another layer to the archiving process.

AC P of W #233 10/8/2014


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