Eugenia Franklin shares her newly acquired “Diego” painting titled “Der Monch” D-118948:

 “I just purchased one of his paintings without knowing who he was, or maybe I should say, IS. Fell in love with it. It is an old man, believe is a Rabbi, His eyes won me, showed the life behind him. I am so glad I found this web site to somehow know who he was.”

The “New Generation” of Diego Collectors are instrumental to carrying forward the Diego Legacy that the Diego Voci Project is building.

Another example of a Diego work of art titled “Rabbi” owned by Diego Collector Norm Hersfield. Think #LeonardodaVinci. The intricacies of line are what Diego constructs to pull out the emotion within the viewer.

Der Monch D-118948

AC P of W #230 9/29/2014

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