Gone Fishing 09.05.2014While we’re gone:
1. Keep looking for the lost art of Diego Voci. At least 3,000 more to go! Bargains abound!
2. We’ll “Buy or Borrow” the best for a future Major Diego Museum Exhibition
3. Welcome to the “New Generation” of Diego collectors discovering his art for the first time as those aged addicted Diego collectors who hoarded his work for 30 and 40 years are downsizing or have felt this earth.
4. Google: Diego Voci. Click “Images” while you are there. Prepare to be amazed.

1 thought on “GONE FISHIN’

  1. #MONTANA…my birthplace…my parents met and married in #Great Falls, MT. They’re very awesome – together 55 years now. Mom keeps everyone in touch with one another!
    Dad, has never been to #GLACIER PARK! It is #incroyable! Oui! #C’est Vrai.
    #Travel there and stay at #St. Mary’s Lodge, all the #trails, the #Lake, #BIG SKY!!!

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