What is the common denominator of each of these 6 wonder horses?

  1. Secretariat
  2. Seattle Slew
  3. Flicka
  4. Black Beauty
  5. Valiant Stallion
  6. Green Horse

Each of these wonder horses came to their owners for very little money; owners who deeply believed in them, and loved them.  And today, they are among the world’s best remembered equine for their greatness.

It seems certain horses and certain horse lovers have a “Sixth” sense, an intuition that brings them together providing an energy that propels them to championship.

Here are images of two championship horses (page 28 & 29) from the new 145 page deluxe #art book “The Beauty of Diego” which you can view electronically at no charge.  http://www.blurb.com/books/5419805-the-beauty-of-diego

page 28 and 29 Green Horse and Valiant Stallion

“Valiant Stallion” and the “Green Horse” are the magnificent creations of internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (1920-1985) depicted in the #surreal; artistic champions on canvas inspired by Diego’s love of #horses he observed.    


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