The Worth of the Bambino

We are framing the idea that #ART and #BASEBALL have a parallel.

Where is the parallel of #Homerun King #BabeRuth to internationally collected artist #DiegoVoci?  Diego’sbaseball field was his blank canvas, his bat was his brush.  Like Babe Ruth, Diego Voci did not hit a home run every time he went to bat.  But, when he hit a #homerun out of the park it was the work of a #masterpainter.

#BabeRuth, a solid .300 hitter, struck out so many times he was also the “#Strikeout King” in his day. Yet it is his successes he is remembered for.

Where Diego had the advantage over Babe Ruth was Diego at least got on base with every painting, each finding a home.  You might say Diego batted a thousand. To View Diego’s history:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Diego_Voci

Diego’s home runs will one day by priceless.  In the meantime #BabeRuth #baseballs are coveted at prices in the mid 7 figures.

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