#Diego died on December 10, 1985. It was a Tuesday. He had been fighting against the lung cancer that was rapidly draining away every ounce of life.

Two days previous, Diego’s wife, Helga Voci had arranged for a Sunday December 8 exhibition in their home / studio in Taunusstein, Germany. Diego was too weak to attend.

Diego, in his state of weakness, somehow was driven to find the strength to draw one more work to be presented as a door prize. We feature that work today as our #Painting of the Week, shared by collector Heinz Bertram, who was the lucky winner in attendance for that memorable event in art history.

On the day Diego died, he made one more attempt lying in bed to do one more drawing, a small paper with a few light pencil lines of figures, uncompleted. A treasure that Helga holds dear.

AC P of W #208 6/17/2014


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