The above is a sister #Diego painting signed “Voci” to the one posted today with the horses bounding out of the gate http://www.artifactcollectors.com/diego-voci-painting-of-the-week-5154118/Page7.html#206. Was Diego inspired by “Northern Dancer’s” 1964 attempt to win the third leg of the coveted “Triple Crown” of horse racing when he painted either of these action scenes? The time period fits signing as “Voci”; Diego was then presented by Mr. R. Buri, owner of the prestigious Schlossgalerie, in Zurich. Both action scenes are reminiscent of Edgar #Degas at his impressionist best.

We are trying to locate “Nadja” who provided the image without a contact point. Can you help? The Diego Voci Project Team is located in San Diego, thus you’ll hearing us cheering loudly from the Pacific Coast all the way to Belmont!

Should you not be familiar with the life and works of Diego Voci, we suggest you visit the biography on Wikipedia as well as the YouTube video museum tour.


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