Today’s “Octogenarians” are expiring. And with them their prized #Diego Voci artworks are becoming orphans, offered for sale at ridiculously low prices.

Why orphans? How did this happen? And what is the solution?

40 and 50 years ago robust demand for Diego art exceeded supply. Those select collectors who became exposed to the great body of work by Antonio Diego Voci (VOH-chee) could not stop at one, some bought dozens. They literally hoarded them, displayed them, and loved them for decades, never to part, until death.

The abandoned art left in the hands of descendants and estate handlers who said “Diego who?” found that the works of Diego were completely unknown to the world’s art market. Diego became the victim of a quarter century vacuum of information following this master quality artist’s 1985 death to lung cancer. It became a simple case of oversupply to people who had no idea who is this Diego.

The volunteer Diego Voci Project was created to change that; to enhance the awareness and value of Diego’s great body of work. We found that most people who knew Diego had also past on. Diego was a notoriously poor record keeper living in the moment. After 2 years of research, including 2 trips to Europe with the help of widow, Helga Voci, a couple of second generation Voci family members and 4 agents who represented Diego art, we put together a respectable biography of a notable artist.

Be on the lookout for a bargain. There are at least 3,000 more #Diego” or “Voci” oil paintings yet to be found.

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