To understand our numbering code, please go to my collection.  Mostly it was painted after Diego and I (Helga)  already had the numbering system with some exceptions.

To look at my collection click link:   under “Acquire Diego”:

“Le Theatre” has the number 10852-385 = October 1985, #2385 oil paintings since the time we started to number them.

“Composition Nudes” 4812-157 = April 1981, #2157 oils made since our numbering system began.

“Harlekin” tempera with glass D-3842537 = March 1984, #2537 temperas or drawings under glass since starting the numbering.

Paintings that have a strange number like 534 or so, were painted before the numbering system timeframe.

To view more posts by Helga Voci, visit:

Helga Voci, widow of Diego Voci

AC DV History #172 4/29/2014


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