“I want to own a #Diego.”

For twenty years (1966-1985) Diego Voci had demand for his supply of paintings and drawings. Some sort of magnetism attracted art buyers to Diego’s unique style.

Buyers of their first Diego (30, 40, and 50 years ago) could not stop at one. Most bought several and refused to part with them in their lifetime. As those owners no longer grace this earth, two things occur:

1. The many new people who don’t know what they have are disposing of their inherited Diego art pieces as plain old stuff to get rid of.

2. The fewer number of people today, who do know, are becoming aware there is opportunity for scarfing up value. It’s a classic case temporarily of more supply than there is demand. That will soon change.

What we do know is the volunteer Diego Voci Project has identified only 20% of Diego’s output so far. Finding the rest will bring rewards, aesthetically and financially to those who know. To know more we suggest:



P.S. Diego signed “Voci” until 1966.


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