This piece titled “Pferde” means “Horses” is 40″ x 51 7/8″

This rare wall sculpture (relief) is presently owned by the Trevisan Family in Germany. DIEGO made very few wall sculptures (reliefs).

The Ogden Brown Family and Helga Voci are the known collectors that own wall sculptures (reliefs) by DIEGO in addition to the Trevisan Family.

We inquired to Helga Voci, widow of Diego, about the materials Diego used for the wall sculptures (reliefs). Helga replied “the material Diego used is plaster and then coloured”.

An example of a Diego relief in Native American motif owned by collectors the Ogden Brown Family: 4330818/Page3.html#81

An example of a front door (along with a close up) designed and sculpted in copper by Diego. of-the-week-5154118/Page6.html#160

AC P of W #195 4/21/14

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